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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 33

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 33Wednesday November 30 2011 Factors Affecting Gastric EmptyingSlide 15Volumeo Up to 750 ml o You can train yourself to tolerate larger drink volumes by drinking more during exerciseWill increase movement from stomach to small intestineThe more concentrated and the more calories the less absorptionCooler drinks are betterbecause you drink moremore absorptionIntensitymoderate intensity facilitates movement through stomach o Somewhere around 7075 max v02then movement through stomach slows o Because shunting of blood away from stomach and GI tract o Walking 3550 vo2 max facilitates movement through stomach o Running 7080 above that intensity will slow it downCycling has a greater movement through stomach than running o Runningmore jostling of body o The up and down movement might not help o Cyclingrelatively stationary coreAs you become dehydrated will slow emptying of stomach o Another reason to drinkis to prevent dehydration and increase movement through stomachListen at 300the process of measuring gastric emptyinghow it used to be done Factors Affecting Intestinal AbsorptionSlide 16Absorption occurs in GI tractOnce you get it through the stomach and into the small intestineother things affect absorption80snew technique to measure this o Listen at 520 o Can also take blood samples and see if measurement is accuratebecause material that is absorbed should show up in bloodGlucose electrolytes and especially sodium stimulate absorption o Fluid and contents of drink will move into small intestine because of the composition of the drinkWhy they came up with 68 glucose and the sodium concentration that we will talk about in a minute o A lot of electrolytes in the secretions that your body puts in to the small intestine Sodium content of drink might be more important relative to stimulating thirst and decreasing urine output
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