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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 34

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition ndLecture 34Friday December 2 2011 Next Fridayduring regular class timein regular classroomcan go ask him questions VIDEODesigned to show us what happens when we exercise under different environmental conditions o With regards to sweat rate body composition weight loss etc st 1 videoo Sweat rate is based on body weight losses o Individual is weighed with his water bottle will get the weight of his body and how much water he had to drinkPreweight o Now he will exercise in an environmental chamberRace on the bike that corresponds to a road race outsideChamber controls temperature and humidity o Under the first conditionNeutral environment y Low temperature and low humidity o Under the second conditionHigh temperature and high humidity o Now he will be weighed postexercise nd 2 video o Now hes in the chamber under hot and humid conditions o Gets more water because we anticipate that he will sweat more Sweat RateExercise Performance ExperimentSlide 22 23When the humidity is lowenhances ability to cool self because more sweat can be evapouratedHe lost 117 L of sweat o But only 95 of weight loss is from sweatSo multiply it by 095 y The other 5 is from oxidation of CHO and fatSo he lost about 11 L of sweatHe had about a little under 2 L an hour of sweat loss o Divide sweat volume by time to get a rateEven the neutral environment exercisehes losing enough weight to adversely affect his performanceo Because a weight loss in the range of 12 can adversely affect performanceWhich in this cased was 154Tough efforthe went really hard
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