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Kinesiology 3347A/B

1KIN 3347B Growth and DevelopmentIntroductionWhy study growth and developmentoUnderstanding of factors playing positive roles in growth and developmentoIncrease in life spanoImprove quality of lifeo73 years by 2025oHuman growth patterns are complexoVariable among individuals and sexesoChronological age an insufficient measureoBetter ways of evaluating growth and its implicationsUnit 1 Basics of Growth and Motor Developmenta Introduction and definition of termsb Patterns of postnatal systemic growthc Classification and characteristicsTermsNatalpertaining to birthPrenatalprior to birthNeonatalimmediately following birthPostnatalafter birthMetabolismcomplete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cellsCatabolismdestructive metabolism the breakdown of materialsAnabolismconstructive metabolism the building of materialsGenotypeoTotal set an individuals genetic characteristics contained within hisher genomeoUnique to each personoOperational a set of instructions our body will followPhenotypeoPhysical expression of the genotypeoVisible characteristicsoBiochemical and tissue variantsoModified by environmental factors interacting with genotype ecophenotypic variation3 central processes in infancy childhood and adolescenceoGrowthoMaturationoDevelopmentGrowthoA measurable change in the size of the body as a whole or the size of specific body partsoUsually an increase in sizeoDominant biological activity for first 20 yearsoCellular leveloBody system organ and tissue cell type specificoWhole body growth does not necessarily parallel body part growtho3 cellular processes1 HyperplasiaIncrease in cell number1 cellabout 60 trillionMitosismeiosisNeoplasiaabnormal proliferation of cells usually faster tumor
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