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Lecture 3

Kinesiology 3476F/G Lecture 3: Sitting

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Kinesiology 3476F/G
Harry Prapavessis

Sitting too much? Acute effects among young adults (slide 16) Sedentary Control Groups Really really bad fat (visceral fat) Slide 23 Data showing time spent in sedentary time As you increase the dark area, it goes into light activity Most human behaviour takes place in sedentary time Active Couch Potato Should be striving to be an active noncouch potato Relationship between the evidence the behaviour Behaviour to act on the 3040 min per day has declined Evidence proves this Easier Maybe we should get people to sit less instead Key point: sitting less leads to more incidental PA capitalizing in our environment on doing incidental movement o Which is easier to do than moderate to vigorous PA for most people Standing for Healthier Lives (literally) Should be aiming for an active, with exercise profile as strong and robust as it can possibly be How do you reduce the risk? Break up long sedentary behaviour with breaks o Ex. Studying for 4h take little breaks after every 30 min Guideline: 3xh Interrupt all sedentary behaviour with frequent breaks Should strive to have a good amount of nonsedentary time daily Number of studies big researchers are from Australia Waist can also go down in cm for those who take more frequent breaks o Regular breaks from long periods of sitting Look at work from Dunstan (2012) o 20 difference in regards to glucose as well as insulin levels between no breaks and light breaks Slide 44 Doing something more when you are on your feet like stepping will benefit you a lot more
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