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Lecture 9

Kinesiology 3476F/G Lecture 9: Modeling in Medicine

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Kinesiology 3476F/G
Harry Prapavessis

Observational Learning Ex. Buying a car o Have to wait because the sales person is busy with another client o As you are looking at other cars, half your attention is on the sales rep and half is on the car o Wasnt a planned model, but you paid attention and now you are using the tactics you saw (model) Banduras Model Retention: Retain information which leads to a production or an action which if executed properly, leads to us being very motivated to do the behaviour 4 components are likely not operating at an optimal level which could help explain why Information Sources Opportunities where modeling information can be made available to the learner Research and Applications of Modeling Settings: ways modeling have been looked at Interventions: What kind of model is it? Outcomes: what are we trying to change? (in this course, behaviour) Settings Teaching models, peer student models, etc Outcome Measures Can look at the effect a model has on anxiety, mood, etc Mastery Model (example) Rory Mackelroy DVD for average golfer Rory has an impeccable swing Coping Model (example) Watching a peer who is recovering from ACL reconstruction because I just blew my ACL and I want to learn from that individual Imagery vs Vicarious Experience Not covered much Mastery Model 4 readily identifiable characteristics surface o Errorless performance o Positive attitude o Verbalize confidence o Verbalize low task difficulty
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