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Lecture 7

Kinesiology 3476F/G Lecture 7: Project Motivation

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Kinesiology 3476F/G
Harry Prapavessis

Significant Interaction Effect Between RE and PS (slide 20) Whenever you see two lines crossing you will see an interaction taking place On the xaxis, there is low and high perceived severity Oh the yaxis, high and low response efficacy Take home message: o Main thingfinding; need to be accurate! Courneya and Hellsten All studies have limitationsneed to understand from a ... point of view Doesnt always translate into the behaviour itself Vignettes were full of bogus information Study by Prapavessis Keep in mind those 3 limitations This time using real cancer exercise information Actually based on information and not bogus Looking at behaviour and not just intention Screening people for levels of inactivity What is the potential value of screening people for levels of inactivity? o If these middle aged adults are already exercising on a regular basis, what does this intervention do for them other than making them feel good? And so that is what is called tailoring a message to an audience that is receptive. o If you look at a continuum of people in regards to changing their exercise behaviour, people at the extreme end () interventions like this are not valid just as if you look at the other end where someone doesnt care and is uninterested Hypothesis 2 o More importantly: we should see behaviour change Method o Sample in various schools including teachers and school staff o Collecting data in New Zealand is easy compared to here in Canada Development of PMT and other Material o Created DVDs o If you had an educational piece that you thought could be put together with digital technology, people would do it for you at no cost as long as you were using it for educational and research purposes Second DVD was created as attention control o Nothing to do with education, colon cancer, etc Targeted audience o Might be responsive to exercise o Mostly interested in individuals who have exercised on occasion but not regularly and those who dont currently exercise but would like to Procedure Design o Randomly assigned Why is there such a high importance to this?
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