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Western University
Kinesiology 3480A/B
Matthew Heath

Sleep and Memory Consolidation - research on the effects of sleeping on memory consolidation - bass of research started 30 years ago:  state-dependent memory = memory phenomena where you are better able to recall info when you are in the environment in which you learned that info  Bob Kirk, classic study: 2 groups: groups learned serial list of words, one learned word list while standing on the pool deck and other learned in scuba equipment underwater, then asked to recall in both situations o found: individuals had better memory recall when in the same learning environment (underwater recalled better underwater, and pool deck recalled better on the pool deck)  speaks to the state-dependent nature of memory - for some reason there is better linkage between consolidation and retrieval mechanisms when those two mechanisms are associated with the same environment  general consensus: thought that sleep prevents (retro and pro)interference from impairing ability to learn info  some researchers have shown that sleeping right after studying results in the best consolidation and retrieval of memories  explicit memories:  sleep right after studying allow for dialogue to occur between the hippocampus and neocortical (high-level frontal) regions  synchronized fire activity - fire at same frequency and at overlapping ti
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