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Kinesiology 1080A/B Lecture Notes - Executive Functions, Dependent And Independent Variables, Scientific Method

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Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

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Kin 1080 Feb. 25, 2013
Gun Fight
- Person who draws last wins the gun fight
- Draw first top down decision, involves lots of corticol activation: robustly activated during a
top down decision
- These top down decision are a slow process (slow decision time because it involves a whole host
of corticol regions): causing the movement to be slow; slower response
- Top down decision leads to using a lot of pathways leading to slower movement
- The person who sees their opponent draw a gun activates a stimulus driven response for the
person who drew the gun second: reflexive; it simply just happens
- No top down cognitive control
- This is because it uses a very basic neural circuitory; the circuitory is not corticol it is
mediated subcortically Don’t have to go through all the cortical structures; very fast
- Much faster than someone who has activated top down decision
- Therefore, the person who draws second should win the gun fight
Scientific Method
Goals of Science: Understand (Describe, Explain & Predict)
- Empirical basis by which to have a goal describing, explain and predict events
- Explanation One group getting no drug (placebo), one group gets the drug; and you check to
see if you get any improvement in performance between those two groups
If the drug group gets a significant improvement then you are able to say that this
pharmaceutical agent is able to help alleviate the symptoms of the neurological disorder
You can explain if the drug has any benefit or no benefit
- Predict Take information to predict someone’s subsequent events (Predictions are made
from collected data)
Empiricism: Verification by observation
Verification by observation conducting an experiment
Proposals are subjects to a test
Perform an experiment and obtain data
In science, the scientific method is a process of gathering knowledge about the world
Ask questions: These questions are turned into hypothesis it guides how you’re going
to conduct the research/lab
Should be able to identify the hypothesis is a primary goal; he experiment/research is to
test the hypothesis to prove whether or not it’s true or not
Science is just one way of acquiring knowledge
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