Kinesiology 1088A/B Lecture Notes - Online Analytical Processing, Motivation

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b) Role perception
- clarify each individual’s role and it’s relation to the whole group
- structure, co-ordinate and integrate all individuals within the group activity
= defining reality
By improving technical competence and clarifying individual roles, the effort performance relationship is
enhanced and overall motivation improved
3) Coaching decision styles influence individual levels of motivation
- Chelladurai: multidimensional model of sport leadership (1980) pg. 216
- Three basic decision making styles:
1) Autocratic coach makes decisions on own (preferred by: older athletes, male athletes, during time
of stress games)
2) Participative coach and athletes make joint decisions (preferred by: female athletes, during low
stress periods practice
3) Delegative coach lets individual or group make decisions on own (preferred by lower quality
decisions, uncomplicated decisions, when there is little need for group acceptance)
Multidimensional model of sport leadership:
Leader behaviour -> required behaviour -> actual behaviour -> preferred behaviour
Antecedents -> situational characteristics -> leader characteristics -> member characteristics
Consequences -> participant satisfaction
Components of effective leadership
1) Leaders qualities intelligence, assertion, empathy, flexibility, self-confidence, ambition
2) Leader style autocratic, democratic, delegative, social support, instructional, positive feedback
3) Follower’s characteristics- gender, ability, personality, cultural background, age, experience
4) Situational factors team vs. individual sport, interactive vs. coactive, team size, team available,
number of assistants, traditions
Advantages of Participation style:
1) Greater group acceptance and implementation of decisions
2) Greater self-determination and responsibility which increases intrinsic motivation
3) Broader information base which generates more solution alternatives under greater scrutiny
4) Imported quality of decisions then generation of more original and creative solutions
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