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Lecture 1 the first lecture we had "Objectives of sport and Exercise Psychology"

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Robert La Rose

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September 13, 2010
Kinesiology Lecture 1
*Read Chapter 1 for next lecture*
Objectives of sport and Exercise Psychology
a) How psychological factors effect our performance
b) Consider how participation in sport and exercise effects an individuals psychological
development, health, and well being
Comprehensive objective ( carron 1980)
To obtain an understanding (through description, explanation, & prediction) of the BEHAVIOUR and
performance of individuals in sport and exercise.
BEHAVIOUR = a unique way of responding to ALL stimuli.
PERFORMANCE = goal- directed behaviour for the purpose of a short term execution of a discrete
Orientations to Sport and Exercise Psychology
1) BEHAVIOURAL: behaviour of athletes determined by the environmnet.
2) PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL: Study impact of physiological responses to activity on behaviour.
3) COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL: Behaviour determined by ones interpretation of both environment
and cognitions (thoughts)
Professional Approaches
Clinical counselling: eating disorders
Crisis Interventions: “slumpbusting”
Psychological Assessment
Performance Enhancement
Consultaion & Program development
Prevention & treatment of injuries
Sport Psychologist VS. Sport Consultant
If we want to understand human BEHAVIOUR and PERFORMANCE in sport and exercise,
how do we go about studying them and what factors should be included in the study?
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