Lecture 5 Intrinsic Interest As A Motivator

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September 22, 2010
Kinesiology Lecture 5
1. Intrinsic motivation Desire to participate in an activity or task for its own sake do it for the
fun of doing it.
- Innate need to feel competent and self- determining when dealing with ones environment
(deci, 1975). want to do it because you want to.
- Characterized by an ongoing process of seeking and attempting to conquer challenges that are
optimal for ones ability I am confident so I am determind
How to measure intrinsic motivation
a) Free choice involvement in an activity time spent
b) Presence of performance quality complexity, creativity, flexibility, spontaneity
c) Self-report questionnaires were u interested, did you enjoy it, did it satisfy you.
2. Extrinsic Motivation- Behaviour engaged in for reasons other than the activity itself external
- activity becomes a means to an end a way to an external reward or comply with the demands
of others.
- Produces a feeling of an external control resulting in compliance or defiance and is manifested
by feelings of pressure, tension, or apprehension.
** Intrinsic and Extrinsic motives are interactive but not additive (see page 137)
(can compare or cooperate with one another)
How external rewards influence intrinsic interest have been analyzed in two ways:
1. Empiracl approach research base
a. Lepper & Green (1975) nursery study
3 groups of kids expected reward, no reward, and unexpected reward
- 1 week later measured amount of free time spent drawing with pens
- Results: expected rewards spent less than half the time drawing than the no-reward or
unexpected reward groups did
Extrinsic rewards actually decreased the intrinsic interest in the activity.
b. COGNITIVE EVALUATION THEORY (deci & ryan, 1985)
-Evaluates how an individual perceives the impact of the external rewards and thus the
effect this perception had on his/her intrinsic motivation (enhance it or undermine it)
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