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Lecture 1

Kinesiology 2236A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Physical Fitness, Body Composition, Lio

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Kinesiology 2236A/B
Dave Humphreys

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Injuries Lecture 1 2016-01-05
Oce Hours: 7am-2pm TH 4182
Bonus Slides  usually on exams, reward for showing up to class
Exams will be re-weighted  no re-writes
1st midterm is written, other 2 will be MC
Final is cumulative
What are the factors that lead to injury? Can we control them?
Internal Risk Factors:
Body composition
General health  previous injuries may predispose injury
Anatomy  females are predisposed to females
Physical 9tness
Skill level  poor skills may predispose to injury
Psychological factors
External/Extrinsic Risk Factors:
may make some people more susceptible to injury
Coaching  how does the coach teach their skills
Rules of the sport
Referees controlling games

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Protective equipment
Environment  quality of the facility
Inciting Event:
Playing situation  are they in a dangerous position
Opponent behaviour  violence
Could be the biomechanics of the landing  ex: rolling an ankle
Note: There are some things that an athlete can control, some things
that they cannot control
Injury Prevention:
One of the most important roles when minimizing activity related injury
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