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Lecture 3

Kinesiology 2241A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sagittal Plane, Lateral Pass, Lever Action

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Kinesiology 2241A/B
Thomas Jenkyn, Ph D, P Eng

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Ahmed Abusulayman LAB # 3 250673961
Kin 2241A Nov 14. 2016
1. For each skill, define the following:
a) Skill classification (i.e. open or closed)
Rugby lateral pass is an open skill because it happens in an unpredictable environment
Overhand volleyball flat serve is a closed skill because it happens in a predictable
b) Overall performance objective (OPO)
The OPO for Rugby lateral pass is to project accuracy.
The OPO for Overhand volleyball flat serve is to project accuracy with speed
2. Analyze the performance of each skill using the principles covered in class, specifically
a) Which body segment motions are lever actions and which are wheel-axle motions?
In Rugby lateral pass there is a wheel-axle motion in the shoulder and lever action in the elbow.
(Uses more of a simultaneous movement of body segments)
In Overhand volleyball flat serve there is a wheel-axle motion in the shoulder, lever action in the
elbow and wheel-axle motion in the wrist
b) What is the sequence of body segment motions (i.e. first to last)?
In Rugby lateral pass the sequence is transverse flexion in the shoulder, elbow extension and then
wrist extension. (Starting position is when the player is holding on to the ball and is has squared
his shoulders towards his teammate)
In Overhand volleyball flat serve the sequence is shoulder transverse adduction, elbow extension,
and then supination in the wrist. (Starting position is having the striking arm up already and have
the palms facing away from the body)
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