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Lecture 2

Kinesiology 2241A/B Lecture 2: Kin 2241A – Lab 2

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Kinesiology 2241A/B
Thomas Richard Jenkyn

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Kristen De Sousa
Kin 2241A Lab 2
1. The high jumper can apply forces to the ground producing reaction forces affecting the pathway
of the center of mass of their body. There are no reaction forces once the jumper leaves then
ground and is airborne. Their overall center of mass will then follow a parabola to get them over
the high jump bar.
2. Throwing their arms and lead leg upwards will effectively throw the overall center of mass
upwards with the body as well.
3. During the final part of the approach phase, the trailing foot will push against the ground towards
the landing pad and upwards towards the bar. A reaction force on the trailing foot creates a torque
about the overall center of mass of the jumper. This will start the rotation of the body toward the
landing pad.
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