Kinesiology 3378F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Red Pollard, War Admiral, Binoculars

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Sport in Lit – Week 5 13:29
Sea Biscuit
Cougar – Red Pollard’s nickname when he was a boxer; named all his dog’s cougar
Unremarkable grey fedora hat – Tom Smith (trainer) wore this
How do horses sleep? Standing up; Seabiscuit was different and lay down
Seabiscuit would eat his bedding if he was still hungry
Imposts – the weight the horses had to ride with during the race; if a horse was better,
they had to ride with more weight  caused unpredictability
Who used intimidation to win? Seabiscuit  would let a horse catch up then take off
Grog – horse that pretended to be Seabiscuit so people would watch him and think it
was Seabiscuit
Second Civil War – east vs. west
Pricking ears – waiting for the jockey give Seabiscuit to go; Seabiscuit is readying
Bing Crosby – singer, wrote “White Christmas”
Track tractor print – Wolf found the track point that was harder, found the night prior to
the race  would give Seabiscuit the advantage to run on this part of the track
“So long, Charley” – jockey turned around when Seabiscuit is just about to take off and
would say it
Furlong – an eighth of a mile
Seabiscuit’s body was very different from his competitors (ex. War Admiral) and people
didn’t understand why he was so fast – weird knees, shorter, disorganized gallop, etc.
Hillenbrand and the book:
Writing about history and thoroughbred racing since 1988
Paid $13,000 for one of Seabiscuit’s horse shoes
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – would sometimes take her a day just to type a page
1. If you were watching Seabiscuit race in the late 1930’s, describe what you would see:
a. Would only see people of higher society
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