Kinesiology 3388A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Clara Hughes, Mental Chronometry, Psych

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Psych of Sport- Lecture 16-Skill Acquisition
Skills and Abilities
- Examining skills and abilities allows researchers to determine
how best to enhance and aect development
- Ex. how to take a slap shot in hockey- skill- something that you
learn through practice and repetition
- Skill
oLearned ability to achieve predetermined result with
maximum certainty and minimum eort (psychological
eort, motor eort- trying to develop a skill that you can
do without thinking)
- Ability
oPhysical attributes that aect potential for given sport
oMatch ability with sport requirements for maximum
achievement potential
- Gross motor
oSpeed, endurance
- Psychomotor
oReaction time
- Ex. in order to be a good basketball player, you have to be tall,
reason a lot of studies show that is because people that are
involved in basketball tend to be tall, easier for them to play
because they are taller, rather then someone who isn’t so tall,
doesn’t have the motivation to continue with that
- Have genetic predisposition- can be enhanced via training
Classifying Skills
- Gross/ +ne skills
oLarge/ precision (gross skills are larger, used more, more
body parts at the same time, +ne skills= more precision
- Open/ closed skills
oChanging/ set environment (open skills- environment is
changing, ex. being a goalie in hockey, closed skill – ex.
cartwheel in gymnastics, environment stays the same)
- Discrete/ continuous/ serial
oThrow/ running/ gymnastic routines (discrete- one thing,
one skill, ex. baseball pitch, speci+c beginning and end,
continuous- stop doing skill, skill doesn’t break down, no
beginning and end, ex. running)
- External/ internally paced
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