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Introduction to the Legal System

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Law 2101
Mysty Sybil Clapton

c°–f ¾¯ Ŵ Yfť½n ½¾n¾¯¾€ţ€f°–n¯f ¾€€n°¾°n¾ 4 Y¾ €° n¾ 4 „f¾ťff f½½nf¾ –¾f¾ 4 î– ¾ 4 f°°fn°f°n½f°€€°¾ 4 9f¾¾ n½fn Ŵ –f°¾¾°f 4 f¾€°°–ţf½½ °–€¾n°–¾f¾ 4 9f¾¾ –°Ŵ°Ŵn°n f¯½ť¾n°Ŵf°nf°°°°°°© ¯°€°f°¾ţn½°¾¯°¾f°n¾Ŧ Ŵ ¯¯°Yff¾f 4 ¾f° n¾ 4 Yf–f°nnf°¯°°–f 4 f¾°n¾°¾¾°–nf°¾½¾ 4 ¯°¾f¾f½½¾f¾½f°¾¯f¯f¾ G f¾°½°n½€¾fn¾¾Ť#nf¾¾¾nf# G n¾°¾–¯°f°€€¾¯f¯f¾ n¾ Ŵ °¾° 4 „½¯f€n° ţnff¾¯¾n°€¯ 4 f¾f¯°¾€–°f½°n½fff½½°n°nf½½nf°¾ n¾ Ŵ nŦ 4 Ŧ–Ŧť°°f°ff f¯f¾ Ŵ Œf–$ 4 f°f½½ fn¾¾n° 4 ¯f#f¾¾½n°–¯f¾f¾¾–° n°¾°fnţ%&'( 4 ¾n°nf ¾½°¾€–°¯°€¾ Ŵ 9°nf–°¯°¾ 4 Yf¾° f½½ °½°n 4 ¯f#f¾f¾°¾f¾¾–°¯°¾€¯n°¾°fnţ%&'( Ŵ ,°n½f–$ 4 D° f½½ °¯°n½f 4 ¯f#f¾° ¾½n°–¯f¾f¾¾–° ½°nf–°¯° 4 D° ¾¾nf¾½°nf–°¯°nf Ŵ –°f–°¯°¾ ¾°¾€f Ŵ „¾f°¾Ŧ9nf 4 °f ţf¾nf°–f–¾½½f¾ŦYf¾nf°––¾nf° °€n Ŵ 9n¾Ŧ9f 4 ¾f°–f°¾½°ff°¾n –$¾ 4 ¾f°–f°¾½°½f°f¾ Ŵ ¾Ŧ¯°f 4 9ff¾°f¾¾Ŧ9¾n° –$°€nf½nf Ŵ f¾Ŧ¯¯°f 4 Yf¾f½½nf°;nţ€€°f°¾€n° Ŧ@nf¾f¾ °fnn#f€°¾¾Ŧ 4 ¯¯°f¾ €n¾°¾° n¾°½fnf¯f¾½f° ½ G ½½¾½f¯f¾€; G ½½¾½n¯f¾ fn¾¾n° ¾¯ Ŵ îfnnf¾ ¾¯–n¾f°°–°n¾ 4 Œ¯f¾ff°f°€nf¾¾ 4 °f¾½n€¾fn¾¾ťn¾f€n¾°¾€–n¾ °¾f¯©¾n° Ŵ nf¾¾f¯¾ff ¾¾f°fn¾f°ţ€f½½fţ¯½ –n¾ Ŵ €€°n¾ff¾¾–°–°f©¾n°€€°¯f¾nf° ½¾€ ¾½¾–€€°n¾ Ŵ YŴ– 4 D°n€©¾n 4 D°¾½n€©¾n 4 ŦŦ€D° 4 „½¯n€f°ff ¾ff ¾¯ Ŵ -¾½°¾€f¾n°€n° Ŵ n¾°f¾°°nfn ½f¾ţf½¾¯¾f ff°nnf¾ Ŵ ,–¾°ff Ŵ 9½¾Ŧ , Ŧ-¯€f½n
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