Medieval Studies 1022 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Sex Segregation, Maurice De Sully, Cobalt Blue

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Jan 23, 2013
Lecture 15
>Tree of Jesse
-new kind of image showing Christ genealogy
-mix sand, limestone and ash for stained glass windows
-form molten mass over extreme heat
-metallic oxides to make glass coloured (copper = ruby, cobalt = blue, iron oxide
= green)
-roll it out to cool it
-take sharp knife to trace form
-sautered into canes then larger frames with bars
-re-led around every 200 years (more often with pollution)
-Flight into Egypt = painted and re-fired see process
>Notre Dame Laon, 1160s 1220s
-depth, rose window, large portal process
-plan = unshaped end, unified, no radiating chapels
-early gothic much experimentalism and unsettled
-on major trading roads
-plan = rib vaults, large glass, large wall buttresses at right angles outside, 6 part
-1220s change to choir made longer more people
-interior = each bay new 6 part vault
-central tower for light over crossing for drama
-plain white walls after renovation
-single side aisles
-glass gallery level
-4 part nave elevation trademark of early gothic
-only 79 feet tall
-proportions make look higher by pinching nave
-very narrow width but lifts eye up
-different shaped piers (alternating support system)
-eliminates this want for uniformity
-collonettes of 3 then 5
-Life of Christ becomes elaborated in stained glass windows
>Notre Dame Paris, 1163-1250
-Notre means our lady, almost all Gothic churches with this name
-Sienne river
-was a palace and cathedral, where Paris began
-expanded across Sienne
-heart of nation therefore very famous
-began by Bishop Maurice de Sully
-began in East > West
-Paris invented flying buttresses (dissolve mass like web)
-plan = very unified
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