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Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Mechanical and Materials Engineering 4492A/B
Mysty Sybil Clapton

The University of Western OntarioDepartment of Mechanical and Materials EngineeringMME 4492a9519Production Management for Engineers20122013Term ProjectThe project team will design a lean production system for a real or fictitious manufacturing company with certain generic characteristicsYou are expected to integrate the material taught in the course into a overall lean production strategy and implementation for the company of choiceGeneric Company CharacteristicsThis project will consider a generic manufacturing company with the following characteristicsThe company designs and manufactures a consumer product of medium complexity eg bicycle Mini Baja etcProduction involves inhouse fabrication and assembly of fabricated and stock components from suppliersThe company has common manufacturing capabilities including machining welding painting and assemblyAdvanced manufacturing processes eg forging injection molding might be outsourcedThe company collaborates with both customers and suppliers in the product development processThe company is fairly small less than 100 employees but it is selfcontained with all the usual functions of a manufacturing company design marketing and sales production distribution service purchasing finance human resources etcYou may develop an imaginary company based on this description or choose an existing company that fits the requirementsIf the company is imaginary and generic you dont need to imagine extremely detailed information like exactly which countries the company has plants in unless that matters to your analysisRequirementsYour report should address the followingDescription and background about the companyOnly include details that are necessary for the projectoA detailed background of a fictitious company is not needed unless the details are somehow relevantGeneral organization of the company functions and their relationships based on lean production thinkingThis can be tailored to your specific company as needed 1
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