Medical Biophysics 3503G Lecture 1: Medical biophysics lec 1

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Western University
Medical Biophysics
Medical Biophysics 3503G
James Lacefield

MEDICAL BIOPHYSICS 1 Screening: a diagnostic test performed in large number of apparently healthy subjets to detect occult disease in a small fraction of those subjects Overdiagnosis: detection of benign tumours (pre-malignant) that would not have produced symptoms during the patient’s lifetime if left untreated. Overdiagnosis usually lead to overtreatment Imaging science multidisplinary field concerned with generation, collection, duplication, analysis, modification, and visualization of images foundation of imaging science as discipline is imaging chain conceptual model describing all of the factors that must be considered when developing a system for creating images what is an image?? visual representation of some property of an object a measurement made as a function of position (and possibly time) presented in a format that facilitates visual interpretation Projection Radiography radiography produces images of cumulative x-ray attenuation along straight-line paths from source to detector attenuation depends on electron density and effective atomic number of tissue visual interpretation gray levels: integer representation of measured data corresponding to displayed shade of eac
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