MIT 2000 First Lecture

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Media, Information and Technoculture
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Media, Information and Technoculture 2000F/G
Daniel Robinson

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Lecture One: September 13, 2011 Memory - “Memory Palace” - We’re better at memorizing things visually and spatially. - Visualize a room and situate the things you want to remember inside (childhood homes, interesting places you’ve been) - Doesn’t have to be a room, can be body parts… Memory: Spatial, Visual - The more bizarre, funnier the image is, the more likely you’ll remember it. - We can memorize a terrain better because of our ancestors who had to know where they were and where things are. - Good capacity to memorize faces as opposed to other things Epic Poems of Rajasthan - Bhapas: person who lives in Rajasthan in India. Society was not changed by colonial people - Epic poems that are thousands of stanzas long were committed to memory by the bhapas. - Poems weren’t written down until 1870’s. - Boys who were taught to read and write were less able to memorize the stanzas
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