Media, Information and Technoculture 2100F/G Lecture 9: MIT 2100 Lecture 9

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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2100F/G
Nick Dyer- Witheford

Imperialism, Glo, Internationalism: Trade Treaties and Facebook Problems – Lecture 9 • US Cultural Dominance o US Largest national economy o Original “culture industry” - Hollywood o Many important tech innovations e.g. Internet o Big domestic market o Allows cheap overseas sales of films, TV, music o US popular culture important export o Promoted by free trade agreements • Three Positions o Cultural Imperialism o Globalization o Internationalism • Cultural Imperialism o From 1960s on o Undeveloped world dominated by Western cultural products o Destroys indigenous cultures o Creates global sameness (homogeneity) o Profits flow to US transnational corporations o “Disneyfication” • Globalization o From 1990s on o Associated with neoliberalism o Favourable to “free trade” in culture o Not one way street of Western Domination o Creates fluid “hybrid” cultures and identities “Global Village” • Internationalism o Hesmondhalgh’s attempt to find a mid-way position o Neither Global Village nor Cultural imperialism o Growth of multiple national or regional cultural industries o With specific nation based corporations o Aimed at specific geo-cultural markets, o But also exporting to one another o “Hollywood, Al Jazeera, Korean K Pop” etc. • Free Basics (aka Internet Org) o Facebook’s plan to bring affordable access to selected Internet service
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