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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G
David Young

WEEK 10: Resistance: -anonymous is a collective movement that allows anyone to be part of it no matter race, gender, age etc. -ability to put your thoughts out there -both chaotic good and chaotic bad -use internet as a tool for war -internets first army -unrestricted information WEEK 11: CONCLUSION.. Information: -so many meanings -we live in an information society -information leaks -information=value -the problems of era aren’t new problems (privacy/control now, was also an issue in the cold war when they were trying to find an encrypted communication system) Modernity: -every moment in modernity has preoccupied of information of some type -all about rationality, speed, efficiency, measurement, productivity, order, calculation -new ways of processing, storing and transmitting information Abstraction: -state is made through numbers on pieces of paper -abstracted away from human scales (the novel & calculation lecture) -individuals life is measured by abstract existence -the world and the way we organize it has been altered (no longer about humans, its about data and statistics) -dark side of modernity (data-mining, hitler, people without access, cyber bullying, open source, music industry) -techniques of order that built cold-war were the same that supported the invention of the new computer (MIC created computer) -statistics are supported -our way of thinking emphasizes speed, efficiency, etc. -modernizes the world (novel) -modern world is contradictory and paradoxical -digital world we live in are based on pre-existing concepts of modernity THE MEMO***: -quick easy writing -speed efficiency -related to 4Chan posts (threads get deleted, only relevant for so long) Ambivalence (the state of having mixed fe
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