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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G
David Young

WEEK 7 NEW MEDIA I ArpanetDistributed Networks II New Media III Web 20 IV ProtocolI ARPANETDISTRIBUTED NETWORKSThe internet is not just wwwEncompasses everything is a network or networksInternet works through transmission of signals and machinesUser keys in message into CPU via interface CPU encodes message into binary code signal is blasted through channel a cable arrives at receiver which then decodes it A system of relaysBreaks signal up into pieces each piece is sent separatelypacketswitchingReconfigured at the other end Efficient matter of transmitting info Digitalmany discrete unitsArpanet protointernet basic building blocks packetswitching starts out small Milnet built off Arpanetbecame the central network internetmany layers of networksEventually internet age takes off but only 50 of the world CentralizedDecentralizedDistributed II NEW MEDIAFamiliar but we dont know what it meansEven books are being produced using new media Cant focus on screens only screen essentialismIf we are only focusing on distribution and exhibition we think new media is only bits and bytesWe have to look under the hood What are the mechanisms and protocols of our computersHow much do we know about how our technology works
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