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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G
Kane Faucher

Cybernetics 02/13/2012 GDI  General definition of Information  Information MUST contain data  The data must be structured  The structured data must have meaning ( I.E Ikea manual )  Syntax The rules of how data comes together  Data might be structured & have syntax but have no meaning to us  The structure of data must have meaning to you in order for it to be informative Jorge Luis Borges  Argentinan librarian The Library of Babel  No classification system  What is is the meaning of it?  Library is potentially infinite ( 25 ^ 1,312 books)  Library is composed of interlocking hexagons  Each hexagon has 4 walls with shelves  20 shelves / hexagon  35 books / shelf (therefore 700 books / hexagon ) (cont.)  Each book has 410 pages Rumpelstiltskin  Permutations:  Time it takes to count to one billion (one second at a time) = 31 years  Therefore to figure out his name might take you over 30 x 10 to the power of 54 years * Data is any break in the sameness and uniformity in the world * Uniqueness within uniform Data Analog & Digital Analog Digital  Continuous  Discrete  Single purpose  Multi-purpose  Operates in real time  Operates in non – physical time  Book
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