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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G
Alison Hearn

WEEK 9 GENDER AND SEXUALITYVisual Pleasure and the Narrative CinemaLaura Mulvey CCTRGender TroubleJudith Butler CCTRThe History of SexualityMichael FoucaultChapter 7 Gender and SexualityJohn Storey CTPC pg 135159 160164Gender is the most basic point of identity Gender is socially taught and culturally inscribed We grow up inside gendered environmentsGender intersects with other points of identity sexuality race class ethnicity and generation ability Thus different versions of gender existeven within a given historical moment Versions of gender are hierarchized eg Forms of masculinity are privileged over others What does it mean to be a man or a woman We tend to see our gender as naturally linked to our anatomies Presumed naturalness of anatomical differences implies that there are only two genders compulsory heterosexualityWhat we think of as natural is discursively producedMedia and pop culture display idealized versions of ourselves that we identify ourselves againstRepesentations of women in mainstream media are implantations of certain ideals and projections about women by men Womens bodies are the terrain for the projection of male desire They bear the burden of a surplus of meaning an excess of signification This burden of excess signification severely limits the meanings of womens bodies for themselves Media images and p
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