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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
John Reed

MIT 1500 Networks November 16 we can be together but also be geographically dispersedbeing there in a virtual sense vs being there live not together in space or time johns virtual lecturesNetwork TechnologyA Decentralization and the formation of ARPANET govt military approach to the beginnings of decentralized and distributed network communications1957 first communication satellite first communication satellite released into space DARPA is a govt research agency DARPA is the responseStands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPAs findings distributed networkLicklider in 1962 he proposed something called packet switching which is when a message leaves a computerit breaks up and floats off into the network and all the pieces re identity themselves at the receiving computer A way of transmitting messages Many different nodes in the networks and the message is working its way through the network messages are distributed into packets and then the message is reassembled 1967 move from centralized to distributed communications networktelevision or radio tower is centralized BUT ARPANET is decentralized not yet distributed it is a series of centralized nodespeers share information equally nodes are opened up and stored and copiedinternet no one is in change but in order to participate in network you have to follow some rules internet is a massive copying machine the network thinks not the pcscomputer or people that are involved copresence you dont have to be together geographically anymore to communicate can communicate through the ARPANET system
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