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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
John Reed

1500 November 23 CyborgththSelfoperating machines 1318 c Early automata ex doll that laughs automated clock runs itself hydraulis water powered organ before steam powerModels of universebody Machines as models for the body the idea that perhaps the lungs function like a machine rather than a machine functioning like the lungs Lungsbellows heardpump All linked by pipesSomething that appears to be self operatingselfoperating machines ex digesting duck does not actually operate on its own just appears to Build to study how the body operatesused to study living bodies Attempt to make an automated biological system and help understand how the body works we create a relationship with machines to help understand ourselves these havelimited use thoughAndroidshumanoids Androids look human in theory can pass as a human ex governor of California because he appears to be human Has a simulated agency does not actually operate on its own Project KIKO both an android and automata looks real can identify things understand orders do math etc Humanoids have somewhat human qualities to it ex starwars asimo mowgli can jump all attached to some sort of mechanism appear to function on their own but dont actuallyUsually attached to a massive mechanism but appear to function on their ownththSelfregulating machines 1819 c Governance regulation something that can self regulate itselfself governas a machine it is ungoverned has to be governed by a human beinghas a human govern human being regulates it without the human being it can not regulatethe regulator is the human beingWatt Steam Engine can governregulate itself do not need a human governor needs a flyball governor which allows the device to self regulate a radical innovationflyball governer as a self regulating system an automaton can be self regulating sometimes in this case YES control mechanism is the flyball governer feedback with what its doing ex steam always giving control and feedback Autonomous technology
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