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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
John Reed

November 9 InterfaceInformation Flow 1963 sketch pad didnt really go anywhereFirst graphic interfaceits graphical because it is informational and interactivedyna book builtmade in 1973 allan kay designed it keyboard mouse keyboard screen Hard drive hardly portable and very big Allen k read McLuans the medium is the message you have to become the medium if you use it You need to get used to holding your pencil stop thinking about the technology involved and essentially merge together and absorb it Need to do this in order to use the computer and interface with ityou have to become the medium to use ityou become the controllercomputer is the interface of a lot of different pieces of hardware the book the medium is the massage came out in 1967 he talks about the oral period the original period Conversation between human beings information selection is importantmedia alters the way we think and act and perceive the worldratios are always changing ratios between technology and ratios between the human Always changing depending on the technologies and capabilities of the personfigureground concept from the arts ex optical allusions change depending on what youre focusing on you can see different things vase OR 2 peoplewhatever you are focusing on becomes the figure whatever youre not becomes the ground what we focus on creates a hierarchysociety will choose to see something a particular way and ignore the other possibilities or as McLuan says the effectswhere your attention is is what we socially construct to be important and everything else is said to be unimportantyou can remove the figure and that draws attention to how useful easy or hard convenient it is etc we get so used to technology that we dont notice it at all and the effects it has on our life figuretechnology groundside effectsMcluan technological determinist The medium of the message he means the effects are the message
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