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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
John Reed

TERM DEFINITION EXAMPLES CONNECTIONS Culture - Everything we don’t have to do. - Technological Culture - Tenner - Using things in a specific way - Phone skins - I’m a PC, making humans Technique - We can personalize - Computer Skins the technique - Often tied to IDENTITY - I’m a PC - Use technique to sell technology - Device/Apparatus - (a thing that you use, tangible, material) Technology - Structures (some sense of order, make meaning out of complexity) - Systems (organizations) - Active, an active force that can - Twitter – has limitations - create change - 140 characters - Has needs, limitations - People have adapted to think in this way Agency - Divides human and technology - Cultural Determinism - Binary Thinking - Assumes that one drives the - Technological Determinism - Determinisms other - Social Determinism Reductionist Thinking - Technological is determined by - Shoe laces (gangs, group - Reductionist Thinking values, politics, culture identity) - Social Determinism - Technology is dictated by - Islamic Cultures (use slip on - Binary thinking; defines Cultural culture shoes because they are easier itself against technological Determinism to take off) determinism - Culture is dictated by - Blaming violence on video - Reductionist Thinking technology games - Binary thinking; defines Technological - Ignores effects of culture - Video games are responsible itself against cultural - People have no free will determinism Determinism TERM DEFINITION EXAMPLES CONNECTIONS - Ignores the effects of - Gun’s don’t kill people, people - Reductionist thinking technology kill people Social Determinism - Comprise people, things and - Radio must only exist on a - Technique; both describe organizations – and these are regulated bandwidth; pirate the interaction between radio not allowed living and non living Actor-Networks frozen into some kind of arrangement or agreement - Church; a marriage consists of a systems man and a woman - Heterogeneous Materials; - Erases the differences between - State; life in prison for murder; patterned networks the artificial and living red light means stop composed of people, o Gives all parties say, same machines, animals, texts, plane money, any material - Defines itself by not being - Cultural Determinism (defines - something else itself against technology) - Technological Determinism Binary (defines itself against culture) Thinking - A sense of grandeur or power - Progress; technological sublime - Progress - The greatest or supreme degree o Feeling overwhelmed by - Technology technology - What price do people pay Sublime - Consumer sublime for the desire to be o Buying stuff; ecstatic advanced; to be the best? o Experience something that is greater than us o Microsoft = to upgrade is to evolve - Late 1700’s - Divine revelation; knowledge a - Toffler - Human mastery over nature gift from god - ABANDONED - American Exceptionalism - God knocked off pedestal - 1 Industrial Revolution Enlightenment - Human mastery (center of the universe) vs Creator (part of the plan) - Technology tempered with reason - Concerned mostly with human - Progress is nationa
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