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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
Warren Steele

MIT 2500 November 5 , 2012 Singularity - time is not a raod to uptopia- yech development doesn’t lead us to a realization of this society – we live in a world determined by lies – lie is time is a straight and predetermined line – tech propels us down this line – - singularity is a lie – represents everything we think about and engage with tech is wrong – nothing more than spectacle at its worst - technology, history, destiny - we must approach through deboards spectacle – future of tech (destiny) we are controlled by lies and fear of future of spectactle - everywhere tells us we are on the right track – stay on track and the universe will be ours – flip side of this is celebrate current trajectory of current capitalism – anti-capitalism pushes singualirty - debord quote Thesis 6 – “Understood in its totality…production process itself” - - our order we live allows lies – singuality tells us capitalism is awesome – dominate our ideas of time - what lies ahead is a uptopie we dream of – it is always going to happen soon in the future – world we wait for will come – lets things go as they should - “the spectacle manifests…realm of appearances” thesis 12 - singularity is an image of the future – it isn’t the future – it is a dream, through presented as not political – but it is a dream produced by the spectacle - singularity presented as an image of something desirable and good – tiem is a road to utopia and tech development leads to a perfect society - we are encouraged to sit back and consume – then economy wil be strong and mod tech will continue to accelerate - towards a world without death - what is singularity who believe in a wish for such a inevitable future? o We have reached our bodies evolutionary peak – to continue to our destiny we must not perceive ourselves as bodies, but as programs that could be discarded in the process to achieve our utopia o We are nothing more or less then the conetnet in our minds – not just iological bodies – bodies irrelevant – faulty machines that transport and protect patterns and ideas of our minds - God – creation of an ideal self – one that doesn’t eat, drink, sleep, get tired or vulnerable to physical threat 0 a self without physicality – not vulnerable to death – citizen of the future that can go from one form to another – whatever lies within will always live on even though our bodies may be destroyed - Inevitability – new self will appear due to scientific breakthroughs that haven’t happened, but will happen - Transhumanism o Rethinking or redesigning the human condition so that people are no longer limited by their biology o Advocates the almost unresisticted use f science and tech to improve humanity so that deat, disease, suffering can be overcome o For soms, transhumaisn is about finding ways to become post- biological o It can be read as one big denial of death – advocating a trajectory that can rob us from our death – tech can be so powerful that we will never have to mourn anyone ever again - Religious feel to all of this o Wants to bring his father back to life – larger social scientific project to create a world we can overcome death forever – desire to remake world - Humanity plus – be will all literally join with and become one with our machines – everything we currently are will change –nothing important will ever be lost though – we will only gain and change to become more ourselves (insane) – - We need to understand where these fantasies are coming from and what their implications may be – becoming a robot isn’t necessarily needed to cure the sick or feed the hungry – we already have the means to solve these things – real question becomes that if these things don’t meed these radical transformations then why are we doing it – why does it have meaning? - Pace of tech change makes us not be able to keep up with it - Profound consequences to human beings – we must never forget we are cosmic revolutionaries - We never have to worry about anything or saving any one from anything – human life irreversibly transformed - Singularity is the point we cannot see – the moment when human experience comes to an end – when the time comes we will merge with our tech without questioning – process - Teleology o Tech is a deeply embedded assumption about the nature of time o What time is equated with change, change is equated with progress, progress is synonymous with improvement and improvement is not just our destiny, but destiny is the essesne of human history o Teleology presents a linear view of time and defines history as a set of events that can be only accounted for as stages in the movement towards a pre ordinated end o Event he present moment is understood to be inevitable what what is happeneing right now is thought to be the only possible outcome of history, since the present is as it precisely because it could be no other way – spectacle o Human history is a continuous struggle between various forces – course of history is out of human action – paved road we are forced to follow – that has already been made instead of one we cut ourselves – end is already determined and next step is obvious – determine world – to deny random nature is to - Rationality and efficiency and how we will achieve optimum efficiency – living life at greater speeds – one day in the future we will achieve infinite speed – speed = efficiencu, eff = improvemtn , improvement will lead us to our destiny - He sees only what is good and denies all else - Tech of today isn’t really in everyones hands – - Tech development happens isn this way because its its destiny - computer industry is built on child labour – without this underclass that makes the digital age exist is the way it does – these are the popel that have to die so we live forever – we do not see it – we support system that supports expoitation – this is also singualirty – future promises total relief of pain, if you believe in singularity MIT 2500 November 12, 2012 Logistics - jet liners filling sky – tech worls is so banal that we barely notice this – total mobilizations, perpetual movement – a world the facilitates this movement - efficient management od the flow of resources from one point to anoter – one mist design facilitate, and manage thinbgs to make process efficient and streamline from warehouse to chain so that what your transporting is never standing still. o No supply chain is ever separet from any other 0 reliying to other supply chains in the process o Transport rotes, warhousing inventory, and tracking systemts, packings, material handling, etc o Could be to just add value to something – value chain connected in supply chain – ex. Diamond is refined and gained value before it goes to the store o Fed ex needs paper, gaoline, etc. o We are not just talking about a service, we aren’t even talking about the logistical chain from point a to be – were talking about all those things but also the work in mobilization in general - Logistics is the work of mobilization – technical management of perpetual movement, endless flow – logistics is the expression of gestall as Bestand in motion o Order all the resources into a global system of consumption and utility o Production of a global networks which exhausts the supplies available to us by nature - Logistics is the expression of gestell – we discuss the means by which desire to survive and to void the threat of death – we want to believe this because the change needed is scarey – any alternative in unimaginable – capitalism is agreeable to gestell since both are geared to the production of surplus – ho would we live in another way? We think there is no other way because we are so straight-lined – hard to imagine the end of the world - All this is for a reason and that reason will reveal itself in time – - Logostcis is bestand in motion – since logistics is the expression of gestell, a sytem we strive to streamline into more rat and eff forms to make it as fast as tach psossible – this process we are in which is driven by capitalism to mobilize everything at faster and faster rates so the system can expand – this entails the reorganixation of space and time to get people and object through space in less and less time – - “how long until we see the elimination fo hills and cliffs, …” Virilio 88 o the more organized and advance a logistical network, the faster it will operate and the better it will work – speed – he remins us that the faster we mobilze and consume, mechanized and automatic our networks become , you increase the danger because it is beyond human speed capabilities o there are a number of accidents increase as the speed increases – severity and scope of the accident also does – the faster the worse the accidents get and the wider the scope of the devastation - “the havoc wreaked by secular or religios ideologies….” Virilio 7 o tech developments and progress do not preoceed in a smooth untroubled way that leaves us untouched , false – leads to war –
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