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Media, Information and Technoculture
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Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
Warren Steele

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Gestell Martin Heidegger - lectured about Aristotle  biographic details don’t matter, what does matter is the philosophy they had. - H was a original thinker, but arguably a man without ethics - Legitimized the Nazi beliefs, and was a close participant in the Nazi party  Sammuel Levinas (ex Jewish student) was conflicted because he both admired and could not forgive H - approaches subject with his own understanding of Nazi socialism - what concerns H is a free relationship to technology  determined how we interact with technology - “what is closest to us is hard to see”  what we think we know distorts - In H’s mind, Nazi-ism was able to go further than the USA in terms of establishing our relationship with technology, Americans are caught in the functions and manipulation - Nasi’s were not all about racial cleansing, more about wanting order within the chaos - Work is meaningful because H’s reluctance to answer questions - H isn’t interested in reaching a definitive answer, what matters most is the work of questioning itself - Heidegger places an emphasis on our fundamental dependence on this world to be what we are as beings, in our connections and our ability to survive - H’s philosophy, we are required to rely on each other ad the world and though, so as to better understand ourselves  by serving to keep us grounded to each other, closer to technology - “no such thing as man who exist solely and singly on his own” - technology is so seductive, we do not challenge how it effects and controls our destinies. - “technology is not demonic, but it is mysterious. It
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