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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B
Warren Steele

Technique Lecture “technique is not concrete like a machine or electricity; the Technique phenomenon has become detached from the machine” Ellul - we live in a new world that resembles science fiction - technology that Ellul couldn’t imagine - second nature to send a text or email - Ellul died in 1994 - Differentiate technique and technology - Cant avoid  technique give birth to the technological innovations Ellul and Marx  here to describe something that is already working in this world  not concrete, we are perpetrating it ex smartphones: convenient, social network - presumably to “free us”  technology = freedom (technology does not equal freedom)  Ellul is against this notion - women were freed by technology, yet this give the notion that this is the role or the setting women were meant to be in in the first place - cars/vehicles  traffic jams, entire cities built to support cars - tomato harvesters created, which squished the tomatoes, so instead of fixing the technology, they genetically modified the tomatoes to be less squishy - who benefits from this?? - So natural for us to accept the innovations thrust upon us - Cows eat corn = ecoli = contamination = beef bathing in ammonia  why do we not change something in the chain?  Whatever comes along, we innovate to fix for the purpose of “efficiency” - chains of innovation = alienation - Nuremberg trials  horrifying aspect of technique  one person interviewed was only concerned wit how he was doing his job, not what his job was doing (putting the Jews in the ovens)  when the news shows children in Africa starving, we don’t have time to consider them Karl Marx- Alienation  separating something or someone - capitalism seperates us 1) Labor – ex. people who “build” the projector could not fully build a projector by him/herself ex. hat making is broken down  much faster to be broken down and everything/everyone has their “one task”  we no longer feel connected to our labor 2) Each other – ex. a “team” made it, but yet they are nameless/faceless people who just maintain the machines 3) Species/being – ex. more than just not meeting  more like the Nuremberg example  basic human emotional response - when the main goal is efficiency, it separates. Reification –
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