MIT 1200 - Modernism to modernity

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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

Sept. 24th MIT 1200 Lecture 5/6 MODERNISM: MODERNITY’S MIRROR 1. From farm to war 2. Industry’s birth pangs 3.Taylorized humans 4. Ford’s flow production Q: What is modernism? A: A cultural response to modernity – the machine When: 1875… 1890-1945 (peeks in 1920s, ‘30s WHAT: Alienation, loss, disruption, exhilaration, refutation, resistance, renewal. Alienation from: - Work - Homestead – land - History - Each other - Government – and so Big Labor Modernity is the forces of industrial culture (cars, cell phones, computers, simple engineering) largely based on oil, machine (WHERE WE ARE NOW). Q: HOW DO CULTURAL PRODUCTS REFLECT THESE LOSSES? A: Artists separate themselves, as ________ they interpret the social, political, personal ills they watch in action around them New and surprising modes or forms arise reflecting the shock o the machine on culture - Painting - Sculpture - Music - Art - Film - Photography - Science (of mind-psycholog
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