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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

Oct. 1 2013 MIT 1200 ENDERS GAME Lec 7/8 Change, Truth, Paradigm 1.Paradigm - Encompasses human rights, religion, law, civilization, literacy, everything that explains our world - Changing and shifting but it stays the same - Ender’s game = our paradigm now - Names – saints - What is our paradigm? – What do we believe about religion? Etc. - Vietnam war – Ender’s Game? - Jim Carey – The Mask, from little bank teller, - Major shift in our life - Paradigm shift – people who travel 2. Creating Each “Other” - Three different creations - Ender is a third, an other, a finisher - High Queen – most of us are phobic of her - Main characters are “others” - Who is the truth? - Wars are started by the enemy being the “other” - Not hard to go to war against someone in a different paradigm - Pg. 290 3. Defining Savage - Man getting in front of tanks – stepping outside a paradigm - Statement of power and strength - Savage – not like us - Ender is acting Savage 4. Being Human - 117 – peter the snake - Ender considers himself not to be a human being - 222 – Ender not fighting with honor - 321 – High Queen 5. Fractures, Anomalies - 131 - Peter having control (weak points in paradigm) -164 – hurts when ender breaks the game - he breaks battle school, breaks the high queen 1. A paradigm explains the whole world to and for us 2. Our signs for savage and civilized come from the paradigm 3. The paradigm contains and excuses enormous contradictions 4. When a paradigm is about to fracture, we see it most clearly Oct. 1 2013 MIT 1200 ENDERS GAME Lec 7/8 ENDER’S GAME 2: DEBATE IN CRISIS 1. Debate and crisis - Threat is to the paradigm - Group will come together for the common good - Ultimatums - “Either with us or with terrorists” – George Bush - False dilemma – if were not with either - Dilemma – you
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