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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G
Tim Blackmore

MIT 1200: Lecture 7 – Ender’s Game 1. Debate and Crisis  During a time of crisis, people want unity and come together for the common good.  We build our lives on negotiation.  Enders Game: IF controls everything except the nets.  Voice are unmediated. How do we know that it is the truth, we are always making assumptions if we don’t know.  How far will we go to question reality? 1. Controlling Speech  Enders Game: Never told the full truth, only what they want them to know. Students rarely question the information.  Irony: children are trained (paradigm) to believe certain things and once they believe them (right or wrong), it is hard to persuade them into thinking differently.  Education for Death-Disney Clip=Propaganda   Dinks is aware of how they school has been using him.  Propaganda simplifies things into good or bad.  The concept of growing up is foreign to the children because they are being trained as weapons and tools, when your trained to be a tool you have no desires of your own.  Enders pattern of growth is a typical pattern for creating a soilder in the military. o Break the person down. o Rebuild the person to want to be the perfect image o Build them back up to being a “new self”, obeying orders, no questions o Resignify the person- tell them who they are o Use new sign and make them do what they were meant to do.  They lose their identities  They don’t care about the way p
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