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Lecture 14

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Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies 1022
Kathryn Brush

Jan 16 Lecture 14 >Romanesque & country // gothic & urban >Royal Abbey of Saint Denis -Abbott Suger (1081-1151) became Abbott in 1122 -built onto previous Church west façade -rare written account of what he did -crenulation, round window (new element but part of Gothic style called rose window) -3 part entrance -wall buttresses//twin towers like Corvey >central plan: -rings of semicircular -shows last judgment -figures not as rigid -Christ’s arms are embracing not damning -not as graphic between Heaven and Hell -Christ looks less otherworldly and damning -Suger praying at feet of Lord (patronage) -Jamb figures: operated in own space >Head of an Old Testament King (jambs from central plan) -over life size, hypnotic and starring face -wanted to make look real worldly -held in Baltimore -lead in eyes for realistic quality >Narthex: rib vaults, new structural device, diagonals to keep eye moving >Ambulatory: 1140-1144 -Suger created new kind, merge ambulatory with Chapels -material reflection of immaterial world -very interested in light (me
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