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Lecture 15

vah 2253 jan 23 lecture 15

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Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies 1022
Kathryn Brush

Jan 23, 2013 Lecture 15 >Tree of Jesse -new kind of image showing Christ genealogy -mix sand, limestone and ash for stained glass windows -form molten mass over extreme heat -metallic oxides to make glass coloured (copper = ruby, cobalt = blue, iron oxide = green) -roll it out to cool it -take sharp knife to trace form -sautered into canes then larger frames with bars -re-led around every 200 years (more often with pollution) -Flight into Egypt = painted and re-fired see process >Notre Dame Laon, 1160s – 1220s -depth, rose window, large portal process -plan = unshaped end, unified, no radiating chapels -early gothic much experimentalism and unsettled -on major trading roads -plan = rib vaults, large glass, large wall buttresses at right angles outside, 6 part vault -1220s change to choir made longer more people -interior = each bay new 6 part vault -central tower for light over crossing for drama -plain white walls after renovation -single side aisles -glass gallery level -4 part nave elevation – trademark of early gothic -only 79 feet tall -proportions make look higher by pinching nave -very narrow width but lifts eye up -different shaped piers (alternating support system) -eliminates this want for uniformity -collonettes of 3 then 5 -Life of Christ becomes elaborated in sta
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