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Lecture 16

vah 2253 jan 30 lecture 16

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Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies 1022
Kathryn Brush

Jan 30, 2013 Lecture 16 >Notre Dame Paris -contrasts Speyer -heavily restored following French rev -chapels added on because people wanted to be buried there -cross section flyers – diagonal to outside masonry -was 4 part nave elevation but then turned three for more light -exterior now more sculptural than before destruction -some sculpture found in the Sen river -smaller tympanum but large archivolts >Violet le Duc -assembled workshops like medieval masons -kings heads 1220s from kings gallery -he restored to how he imagined it would look -created many animals what he conceived but not medieval -not real gargoyles, used as water sprout >London Ontario Gothic -19 century gothic came to be worthy of being emulated and wanted -Canada active in continuing gothic and medieval style -no flying buttresses because reinforced with steel -shows the influence continuing on >Mantes, 1170s -echoes Notre Dame Paris -issue of façade design, same characteristics but rearranged -lancet windows, rose windo
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