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Lecture 17

vah 2253 feb 6 lecture 17

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Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies 1022
Kathryn Brush

Feb 6, 2013 Lecture 17 >assignment -1 scholarly reference source -2 scholarly research sources -start with general 1. state topic as question 2. what you already know 3. background info 4. find scholarly resources 5. new information 6. cite >Chartres Cathedral -central tympanum jamb figures -support new testament events -greater physical presence -look forward in time -elongated to fit architecture -new unity between sculpture and architecture -carved form stone block as column but 3D >St Trofime 1160s/1170s -Romanesque relief style -carved back -post dates Chartres >Chartres Cont. -head master doesn’t have real name -people at different heights and different perspectives -highly individualized -observation of nature -king figure head has golden halo -central portal = Christ’s second coming >Left Portal -Christ ascending to Heaven -apostle as witness -archivolts show labours of months and zodiac -depicting everyday peo
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