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Lecture 18

vah 2253 feb 13 lecture 18

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Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies 1022
Kathryn Brush

Feb 13, 2013 Lecture 18 >Skeletal System at Chartres -multilayers ay multilevel -built to last -huge exterior supports -open arcades on flying buttresses -forest of buttresses -copper roof >Windows -larger figures in upper parts to be able to be seen from farther away -St Peter windows -text and image -virgin is jewel like echoes reliefs -white circles in bowl being carried -over 70 guilds paid for windows -everyday observation in these windows -every facet of society >North Transept 5 Lancet Windows -old testament kings and patriarchs -same these but different medium -central window Christs grandmother -St Anne cradles Mary -Glorification of Christ >La Belle Verriere -chapel virgin shown enthroned -virgins remains 1140s window piece before fire -donors tend to be imaged at the bottom -after 1140, lots of stoe c
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