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vah 2253 march 13 lecture 21

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Medieval Studies
Medieval Studies 1022
Kathryn Brush

March 13, 2013 Lecture 21 >Reims begun 1211 -coronation of kings cathedral -site of Christianity in France -sculpture everywhere -carefully calculated -Jean D’Orbais one of many builders -much replacement stone -2x human size figures -drapery along bottom very unique -lots of original paint remaining >central portal right jamb figure -FAMOUS -new interest in 3D looking figures -annunciation of virgin and visitation -all figures sculpted at different times -virgin and St Elizabeth most famous of 13 ch -1220s drapery shows limbs -“counterpoise” = curve and weight on one foot -Roman matrons reference classical -reference to antiquity, Virgin is idealized -where Elizabeth looks old, Mary is young and petty -it’s a miracle the figures are In such good shape -slightly over life size -attention to natural foliage >central portal -lots of archivolts -virgin trumeau -bar tracery on window >north transept portal -used by clerics -rose window -portals with sculpture -“crockets” = spirally round tops of buttresses -looks like a large reliquary >1250s/60s Nave -quadripartite vaults -3 pa
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