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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B

Information Technology, Management and Organization Exam – 2 of 4 essays (these are the forest), 8 of 10 paragraph answers (clusters of trees that aren’t forests), 3 bonus questions (one about the Leafs) ICT and Organizations  A new business paradigm?  ‘Within paradigm’ o ‘Faster, better, cheaper, and cooler’  ‘New paradigm’ o Structurally novel organizing model  How has ICT changed… o Work o Management o Business o The environment of business ICT  New organizational forms o Virtual organizations  Ebay.com (not eBay)  Mimic the form of an organization  Portable model o Network organizations  GM, Wal-Mart  Core competence and outsourcing  Focus on core things they’re good at and outsource everything else  ‘Constellations of competence’  GM is involved of the design and branding of cars – but what about HR? Strategies to define what core competence you have and to outsource the nonessential areas of production. Management Implications of Information Technology?  Improved employee effectiveness?  Increased efficiency? o Moderate amounts – over breaks, etc. – improve efficiency, but employees tend to abuse their access to technology  Empowering employees?  Information access or overload? o With the internet now, students have access to a ridiculous number of articles – versus trying to find them in a library, on paper  Enhance collaboration? ICT and Distraction  ‘Your brain on computers’ o Concerns about long-term cognitive impairments from repeated, prolonged distraction o We are guinea pigs for mental deficiency – awesome  Access to information and communication o Relation to organizational profitability? Effectiveness? o Business owner perspective? Manager? Employee?  ICT is not just a tool – it links to broad types of inquiry st o Gaming (men) and mobile phones (women) transforming 21 cognition and social behaviour Case Study – Managing ADMN1000H  How does/can ICT affect ADMN1000H?  How to manage and organize for it?  Make the whole course online? Ban classes?  Should we ban laptops? Jam Wi-Fi? o Yale o Shut off Wi-Fi and grades go up 5-7% for the whole class average o We have to learn how to deal with these distractions – they’re not going away  Other alternatives?  Approaching management and managerial decision-making? o What to consider? o How to decide?
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