HR Lecture 3

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brien

HR Lecture 3 – HR Planning, Recruitment and Selection Overview: - Two of the processes and activities mentioned in Ch. 1 - Planning is forward-looking, related to SHRM - Recruiting and selection, include both theory (primarily psychological in nature) and practice - Planning answers questions like: o How many employees do we need to run the organization? o What skills do these specific people need to have? - Recruiting and selection answers the questions like: o Where can we find the people that we need, given these specific needed skills? o Which ones should we choose, among all those who meet requirements?  Maximize probability of success Planning - What are the company’s goals? - What HR-related actions do we need to take to achieve these goals? - Definition (elements): [94] o Effective use of labour force o Right place and right time o To help the organization achieve its goals - Analogy of HR planning to consumer behaviour’s supply chain! So what? - Why seek women and immigrants to move into the drilling the industry? [95] o Running out of men and non-immigrants - What is succession planning, and why does a company like Sorin care about it so much? o Make people ready/prepared for senior executive positions such as COO/CEO o Succession planning refers to selection and preparation of individuals to these positions - How does Statistics Canada Data help HR planners? o Real data to support assumptions and analysis for recommendations/decisions Some key terms - Forecasting and trends analysis - Staffing tables: snapshot of all employees in the organization at different levels/positions; possibly see shortage/surplus of personnel in each level - Markov analysis (like a staffing table over time): from year to year, where are the changes h
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