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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brien

HR Lecture 9 – Nature and Importance of Leadership Leadership roles - Subset of managerial roles; work of Canadian Henry Mintzberg [14-15] o Figurehead and spokesperson o Negotiator o Coach and motivator o Team builder and team player o Technical problem solver o Entrepreneur o Strategic planner Summarizing these roles - Common thread: “the managerial leader in some way inspires or influences other” - “the most basic role for corporate leaders is to release the human spirit that makes initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurship possible” [Harvard Business Review] - There are opportunities for engaging in these roles (practicing) at every level of the organization Leadership upsides - A feeling of power and prestige - A chance to help others grow and develop - High income - Respect and status - Good opportunities for advancement; e.g. academic leadership (scholars) - A feeling of “being in on” things - An opportunity to control money and other resources Downsides - Too much uncompensated overtime - Too many headaches - Facing a perform-or-perish mentality - Not enough authority to carry out responsibility - Loneliness - Too many problems involving people - Too much organizational politics - The pursuit of conflicting goals Leadership framework - L = f(l,gm,s) - Leader effectiveness is determined by: o Leader characteristics o Leader behaviour and style o Group member characteristics
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