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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
Kevin Thompson

November 7 Readings/Class Notes – MOS Human Resources Professionals Association Trends in HR – Changing role of the HR professional: moving from a transactional professional to strategic professional. Many organizations now have a seat at the table for HR. How the HR pros make sure the goals of the company are being implemented and successful. – War for talent: 1,000,000 people with skills shortage. Make sure that the best talent for a company is recruited “our people make our company” – Healthy workplace: wellness, work-like balance. A lot of focus in the workplace to retain employees and make sure they have the benefits that they need – Gen Y's – work-life balance. Different interests of people and how the company manages them. Certain companies have certain policies that work for the company eg. Gaming company allows people to come in when they want, as long as they put in enough hours. – diverse workforce – impact of technology – screening, online applications for recruitment and selection – leadership development/succession planning – task to make sure the workers from within are growing and staying within the company. Develop successful planning for the future. About HRPA – Largest HR Association in Canada – Regulates the HR profession in Ontario – Grants and administers the CHRP designation – Has more than 20,000 members across 28 chapters in Ontario What is Important about the CHRP designation? – Signifies that the HR professional is competent, committed, and current. – HR courses every year to make sure the person is up to date CHRP Process 1. Academic requirement – Academic route – 9 courses – 70% overall, no less than 65% 2. The Membership Requirement 3. Exam Requirement – National Knowledge Exam (NKE) 4. Experience Requirement – 3 years of HR experience at the professional level 5. Degree requirement *CHRP Candidate Status Why Join HRPA? Career Management – Hire authority online job board – job postings – 500/month – resume bank – 12k resumes – free co-op and volunteer opportunities Info Services and Publications – legal and knowledge centre – online resource centre – customized research etc. Networking – annual conference Member Savings: discounts Volunteer Opportunities Training and Development – they key is retention. – mentoring, on-the-job training, e-learning. – Social technology, gamifiication – software to earn points – Leadership development, succession planning: planning for successors in key positions of the organization – eg. Not just managers, could be frontline workers. Not just retirement; it is also day to day. Identifying the key people in the organization who can fill these organization – either look internally or externally. Orientation, Training and Development Scope of Training and Development Training: acquiring skills, behaviours, and abilities to perform current w
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