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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
Kevin Thompson

LECTURE 2 NOTES Google Video Aculture where people can build things, achieve   Attracting the best possible employees and making work irresistible (fun, gyms, massages, food)  Expensive benefits, for employees to work all the time: keep your attention off of mundane things  Culture created in 2008  Casual wardrobe; Social, double offices  20,000 bright minds creating a variety of products: a phenomenon  “Most successful company in the world”: extraordinary profits (4 billion in 2008) as well as growth  Search engine optimization – Google ranks every site in terms of its importance (page rank)  Simplicity, uncluttered clean  Fast, clean, easy experience  Plain blank look which proved to be an innovation  2/3 of internet searches done every day are done by Google  Employees who have been with the company since the very start becoming integral members of the organizational structure: Marisa Meyers (VP) (Keeper of Google’s look, branding) Yahoo had the opportunity to buy Google. Recently Yahoo hired Marisa Meyers as their CEO – gained access to her competitive knowledge Google holds unique cultural aspects – physical and cultural that reflect the geographical and demographic area in which they are operating Unique in the way they treat culture and express their dedication and motivation for their employees to be productive and innovative Does not represent the norm, environments Exceptional in how they treat employees Planning -Making decisions about what is important to our business, in line with strategic goals Ex: Driving somewhere without knowing where we are going -The workforce is changing dramatically – older workforce over 55 that cannot retire yet (fewer people to replace this section of the industry, economic reasons relating to saving for retirement, jobs being exported, labour shortages, working at higher capacity) -Idea of measurement of forecasting to take in resources outside of the first and making an assessment for the demand of labour LECTURE 2 NOTES -Looking at this situation internally to determine if we can meet this demand (ex sector growing or not) -What do we need in staffing to make our dreams possible -Develop a solution (ex: this amount of people with this must training) -Eliminate gaps by action plans, can include an oversupply. Labour has a cost Attrition – forced retirement, optional and attractive retirement package, restructuring by clearing out a layer of management -Getting rid of people in a positive way, finding that right balance between staff and the cost of that staff -Short term or temporary staff, extending employee extra-benefits, most expensive solution is to hire new long-term employees (not necessarily the first choice by companies, choose part-time because they cannot afford to have long-term ones) Sophisticated HR approaches to dramatic shifts in compositions of the labour force require that managers become more involved -Lack of planning can create financial and non-financing hardship including company unable to reach sales projections or restructuring (increase responsibility to certain employees, demotivates staff -Companies that get this balance right Culture: similar to sociocultural, beliefs, society that works there, a type and group of people that takes a life of its own Positive culture like at Google, where people are comfortable at their workplace and are chosen for a reason Dress code, if you believe a job should be formal you would not be a fit at Google Criticisms of Google model: refers to themselves as “geeks”, biased culture relating to universities or status as an engineer, culture is not in touch with the real world as they are so focused on their product, products that are marketed for their market and not necessarily the whole market, must look outside Recruitment: Bringing new people in -Realism of salary demands, academic achievement, persona initiative, ability to get along with other people, career goals, concerns for society and benefits, personal experience, extracurricular, oral and written expression, self-motivated (leadership) -Companies looking for employees that represent who they really are -Planning – researching and understanding what is out there -G
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