MOS HR Part 5 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brien

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MOS Chapter 5 NotesLeadership the ability to inspire confidence and support among people who are needed to achieve organizational goalsOther definitions of leadership pg 141For improved business results to come about it will be because managers below the C suit take the initiative and risks to drive the company in a different directionThe higher the level of an organization the harder the ability to lead others effectivelyPartnership the leader and the group members are connected in such a way that the power between them is approximately balancedFour things are necessary for a valid partnership o Exchange of purpose a right to say no joint accountability absolute honestyBlocks conception of leadership as a partnership is an ideal to strive toward o Empowerment and team buildingFunctions of managemento Planning organizing directing controllingLeadership deals with the interpersonal aspects of a managers jobKey distinctions between management and leadership pg 144Effective leaders have to be good managers themselves or be supported by effective managersTransactional and charismatic le
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