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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
Kevin Thompson

Human Resource Management Integrated set of processes, programs, and systems that focus on development/deployment of an organizations employees (open system) Processes & Activities IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Organizational, work, job design (what needs to be done, how, skills?) Planning (right ppl, right skills, right time, right place) Recruitment/Selection Training/Development Performance Management Compensation Occupational Health & Safety Employee & Labour Line Manager Relations (related: recruitment vs. training- test scores raised cause too many ppl fail) People managers Challenge 1 Line Authority: directly responsible for product/service Functional Authority: have Challenge 2 authority over HR activities Global Economy: globalization- exports, competition, international practices (Nortel Example: mismanaged) Survival of Firms and Business Sectors: loss of Challenge 3 some sectors (travel agents), downsizing (planned elimination of jobs) & outsourcing (bringing in outside source to increase flexibility/lower overhead costs) -employee leasing (fired but contracted back to organization thru leasing company) Technology & Quality: improve processes(Human Resources Information System-provides data for control/decision making: automates routine activity, enhances employee services, Challenge 4 internet) , lower costs, improve quality (Total Quality Management-20 yrs ago, Challenge 5 Six Stigma- customer needs translated into set of internal tasks/catch mistakes before they happen, ISO 9000 (worldwide approach to quality standards), Benchmarking (looks at other organizations best practices that can be Challenge 6 brought in) Environment & Climate Change: loose some industries (oil) gain new ones (hydro, solar power) Human Capital & Talent Management: Human Capital (individuals economic value- knowledge/skill) Business & HR Strategies Core Competencies (knowledge/skills/characteris tics needed for a role) Talent Management (organizing competencies to achieve high organizational performance) Demographic & Employee Concerns: diversity, different generations (veterans, baby boomers, generation X &Y), labour shortage (many elder ees), *********************************** gender, rising education ****** levels, changing cultures, Human Resource Planning more p-t/seasonal, equal rights, ethics, privacy, work attitudes, balancing work&family Corporate Strategies: company-wide/ overall objectives (GROWTH & LONG-TERM SURVIVAL) Business Strategy: one line of focus, answers How should we compete? (Porter) Competitive Advantage: capacity or quality that gives HR Planning Approaches a company an edge Strategic Human Resources Management: identify key HR practices, links them to overall strategy *********************************** ***** Ppl are being used effectively and where & when are needed in order to obtain organizations goals Succession Planning: training for future, keep companys direction - fit to needs (drilling: women/immigrants, Sorin: succession (heart Results of HR Planning tissue/niche market), Population Pyramid (fit to organizations employee needs) - more systematically in larger organizations Trend Analysis: quantitative, future employee demand/ requirements on index Internal Recruitment Management Forecasts: qualitative, opinions of supervisors/managers and those knowledgeably about future employment needs will develop scenarios Staffing Table: graphic job representations, # of current employees vs. future External Recruitment employee needs Markov Analysis: tracks employee movement in company Skills Inventory: info about staffs education, experience Oversupply: attrition (natural departure of employees), job- sharing/redeploy/reduce
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