Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B Lecture 12: Chapter 16 - Organizational Change

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Tony Francolini

MOS2181B Week 12: Chapter 16 – Organizational Change, Development, & Innovation Legitimacy and Distinctiveness + Performance - School makes it legitimate - Class size makes it distinct o Dandy Toy’s distinctiveness is its inexpensiveness - You can’t use something that is an expectation (a school can’t sell the fact that they have teachers) 3 Step Change Model 1. *Diagnostic - To be outward learning - The economic model of the toy industry is changing and DT has to do something 1. Unfreeze - Set a proper vision o Set an ideal; this is the company that is going to be success o Set a standard of excellence; we need to be 10% cheaper, 5% faster, etc. o Set a virtuous condition; were trying to make this life better o We do that with the use of: ▪ A picture (this is what it will look like, imagine it – Steve Jobs putting 100 cd’s in his pocket) ▪ A change – justify an alteration to the status quo ▪ Values – a future with a better fulfillment of specific values (Obama address to congress; we will cure this disease with research) ▪ A map – a guide that outlines how to get from A to B (Henry Ford) ▪ Challenges – a purpose that inspires one to reach 1. beyond their comfort zone and/or 2. for the benefit of others (JFK speech about achieving goal) 2. Resistance - Why do you resist? Loss of control, uncertainty, competence, more work, real threat, etc. - It’s not always bad; good resistance adheres to routines, metrics and culture, bad resistance adheres to self-interest, politics and ignorance Formula for Change = V x D x F > R (Vision x Dissatisfaction x First Actions > Resistance) - D, V, F cannot equal 0 - George can’t make you change if the vision isn’t great enough, you need to know where you’re going – Vision - There must be a reason to change or for procedure wins – Dissatisfaction - You need to secure short term wins and anchor change after each step – First Actions + - Change Vision and Resistance First Action Not Change Resistance Dissatisfaction MOS2181B Week 12: Chapter 16 – Organizational Change, Development, & Innovation • Reshape culture to encourage exploration and positive dissent • To convince pe
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